November 28, 2011


When teams are more effective they can solve more complex problems, make better decisions, release more creativity and do more to build individual skills and commitment than individuals working alone.

The Characteristics of a high performing team can be seen in the acronym:



Relationships and Communications


Optimal Performance

Recognition and Appreciation


We should never lose track of the fact that

 none of us is as smart of all of us.

So how do we start to build a high performing team, the first thing we need is a common goal so everyone knows what we are aiming to achieve and the development involves three major skills on the part of the whole team, Diagnosis, Adaptability and Empowerment.

The diagnosis is understanding the dynamics of the group and observing how each member participates and engages in the group and use these strengths and characteristics best to achieve the goal.

Adaptability is about choosing which leadership style to use at different stages of the team development, whether to provide more or less support and direction.

Empowerment is about realising when the team is ready to be less reliant on its leader and releasing elements of the decision making process to the team. At this stage when you become willing to share control, the team will become successful and self-directed.

Our job as managers is to help people and teams develop so they have competence and commitment and the ability to share in making decisions.




Hello world!

October 13, 2011

Hi I am Managing Director of Guineas Associates, based in the UK with offices in Cambridge and also in Limerick, Ireland. We are a small consultancy business focusing on the catering, hospitality, event and leisure industry. The business was formed in May 2008 and since then we have successfully assisted businesses in the process of change management, retail branding and implementation of new contracts. I pride myself in providing quality results that work for all our clients in terms of both financial return and customer benefit.

I am able to draw on 30 years of experience of managing the catering operations at prestigious stadiums, racecourses, conference centres, arenas and
major one off events. I have also advised on International stadia including
projects in Sydney, Paris, Monaco, Amsterdam, Milan and Dublin. I have also
managed and delivered the full corporate hospitality experience to the leading
industry and corporate buyers at events such as the Ryder Cup, European
Champions Final at the San Siro Stadium, Milan and for Rugby Internationals at Twickenham and Millennium Stadiums. The services we offer include, but are not limited to:-

  • Interim Management support
  • Auditing, monitoring, evaluation of operations and procedures
  • Identifying organic growth opportunities
  • Brand identity and development
  • Market research
  • Supplier sourcing and purchasing review
  • Production of policy and procedure manuals
  • VIP Management
  • Preparation and Management of Major Events

In the three years since forming Guineas Associates I have assisted companies
with various projects, which include managing a division of a company through
the process of management change and restructure, whilst developing a brand for
their retail operation. I have opened a new contract for a client and managed
the design and build project for this contract, liaising with client,
contractors and local authority and recruiting the team, developed the retail
brand and produced marketing materials for the venue. I have also helped a
company develop their retail offer and produced an induction and customer
service training document for a high street operator. I have assisted an Irish Event cleaning company with the introduction to the UK market, producing a template for tender documents, a framework for strategic plan and introduction to key event organisers in the UK.

 For more details and case studies visit

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